May 18, 2010 │ Jesus Near You Today

May 18, 2010

Jesus Near You Today

Psalm 145:18
“The Lord is near to all who call upon Him, to all who call upon Him in truth.”


     Do you know that Jesus wants to be near you all day today?  No matter what problems or issues stand before you, Jesus promised to be near you today and forever.  He seeks your company today. 

      How can I be near Jesus?  Call upon Him in truth.  Calling upon Jesus means that you ask Him to forgive you for all of your sins because He died on the cross for all the things you have ever done wrong.  If you have called upon Jesus for salvation in the past, and you believe He has forgiven you, then Jesus promised to be with you for the rest of eternity. 1Romans 10:9-10, page 1772    Jesus promised to be with His children always. 2Matthew 28:20, page 1557

        Jesus consistently emphasized truth.  Take a moment right now and decide if you are being truthful with Jesus.  Do you really want Him to be with you today?   Are you prepared to do His will today, or just follow your own routine? Do you believe that His promises to be with you include right now?  Well, I am looking forward to Jesus living in me today and I know He will be near me.   I love to start each day by calling upon Jesus.   I do not need to ask for salvation from sin every day, because Jesus died once and for all, so all my sins have already been forgiven. 3Hebrews 10:10, Page 1880  Even so, Jesus loves to hear me every day calling upon Him for strength, love, joy, and power.  He hears me, loves me, and dwells within me.   I expect my day today to be full of His presence, His leading, His joy, and perhaps some difficulty as well.  No matter what comes today, I know and believe that Jesus will be with me.  In truth I am asking Him for His blessing upon my life today so that I may share His love with everyone He brings into my life today.  I am also urging you to call upon Jesus in truth to be with you today.

       May God bless you today.

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2. Matthew 28:20, page 1557
3. Hebrews 10:10, Page 1880