The Miracle of Inspiration Series 

      Part One: The Miracle of Memory

      Part Two: The Father’s Commandment

      Part Three: The Scriptural Importance of a Single Word

      Part Four: The Truthfulness of the Words of Scripture

      Part Five: The Harmony of the Gospels

      Part Six: The Spirits Opposed to Scripture

      Part Seven: Verbal Inspiration under Attack

      Part Eight: Love and Obedience to the Scripture

      Part Nine: Arrogant Believers Do Not Mourn over Sin

      Part Ten: Arrogant Words without Power

      Part Eleven: Sound Doctrine or Tickled Ears

      Part Twelve: Deceitful Spirits and Doctrines of Demons

      Part Thirteen: Receiving Good with Gratitude

      Part Fourteen: God Has Spoken to Us


       Verbal Inspiration

      The Miracle of Inspiration

This series studies the miracle of inspiration of the Bible. God breathed out His word, the Bible, and God uses the Bible to sanctify believers in the truth. As we study and apply the Bible to our lives, we learn more about God and how to please Him, love Him, and glorify Him with our lives.

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