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ChristAssembly.org has over a thousand pages of original Christian material for studies and encouragement. To explore the website, you can use one of two basic options.

Option One–Menu Items Above and Below

The menus above provide easy access to some categories of studies. For example, if you want to read up on certain a certain topic, then click the resources item in the menu above and see available items. 


Option Two–Search Bar Below

If you have a topic or verse you want to study, then enter that topic or verse in the search bar. You can see the magnifying glass icon at the right end of the top men. Click that icon and type in your search term. You may also see a right sidebar with a place to search in that sidebar. 

If you have a topic of special interest, please send an email to friend@ChristAssembly.org. We may be able to provide further information. In some cases, we write new articles based upon questions from our friends.

We love Jesus and seek to glorify Him in all we do.



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