Does Anyone Love Me?

Does Anyone Love Me?

Luke 17:1-4, Page 1634

          My friend told me recently that he never knew love growing up in his family.  His father only married his mother because he got her pregnant and “did the right thing.” They lived together, but love never came home.  Like so many people, my friend longs for love, but my friend knows deep inside that he has never really felt loved. In other cases, my friends have grown up some and now find that someone they care about only returns interest if you meet their demands. Love becomes a very tattered garment in a hurry.  So, I have posed some questions to get you thinking about love, and particularly the relationships you have in your love.

The Someone I Love List

1.  I have someone I love who has never failed me.

2.  I have never failed someone I love.

3.  Even when failure comes, I still love someone.

3.   When I hurt someone I love, I know that someone still loves me.

4.  I have put up with more trouble from someone I love than from anyone else on earth.

5.  I have loved someone for more than a year.

6.  I cry over someone I love.

7. I rejoice with someone  I love.

7.  I have stopped loving someone in the last year.

8.  I have started loving someone in the last  year.

9.  I have never stopped loving someone.

10.  I change what I want to do because I love someone.

11.  I change my plans because I love someone.

12. I know someone who changes plans because they love me.

13. I know someone who often changes plans to be with me.

14. I know someone who thinks about me everyday.

15. I know someone who tells me someone loves me everyday.

16. I miss someone I love if I do not speak to someone everyday.

17.  I miss someone I love if I do not tell someone everyday.

17.  I love someone enough to tell someone about my problems.

13.   I have someone who loves me everyday.

14.  I have someone who loves me no matter what.

15. I have someone who loves me only if I do what someone says.

16. I have someone who loves me only if I say what someone wants to hear.

17. I have someone who loves me more than anyone else.

18. I love someone just like someone loves me.

19.  I love someone who never loves me back.

20.  In the deepest parts of me, I know that someone really loves me right now.

21.  In the deepest parts of me, I know someone who loves me spiritually.