Angel of Yahweh

The Miracle of Inspiration Series

Why does verbal inspiration make a difference? God performed a complex miracle when He inspired the Bible. Inspiration means that God breathed out the words of the Bible through men moved by the Holy Spirit to speak for God. Verbal inspiration means that God breathed out the words in the original autographs of the Bible. The word “autographs” means the original document written by the Paul, John, Moses or other Bible writers. Of course, we do not have the original document itself, but only copies. Even so, we have very reliable copies.

Many people deny that God inspired the words of the Bible. They do not understand that inspiration rests upon revelation. God revealed Himself and His ways in the Bible (thirty-nine Old Testament Books and twenty-seven New Testament Books). Because His ways are not our ways and His thought are not our thoughts, we would never have known many special things about God unless He revealed them in the Bible. God created the Bible over many centuries by many different writers. God wanted us to know many things about Him and His great love for us. He also revealed His plan for eternal life. God is not willing for any to perish, but all people to come to eternal life.

The Miracle of Inspiration Series of studies will walk you through many Bible passages to help you understand the theology of inspiration. Today many people will not stand for sound doctrine, but will accumulate for themselves false teachers to tickle their ears. In this series, we will focus upon the Bible and why inspiration makes such a difference in our daily spiritual lives. May God bless you as your read through this series. Open your Bible and join the study.

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