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Steop One


Judges 6.1




Part Six:


Judges 8:1


  • God Reveals By Faith the Right Information at the Right Time and in the Right Place


v. 12
  • Gideon, also known as Jerubaal, took his servant Purah down to the camp of Midianites and Amalekites. It took great faith and courage to venture right up to the enemies camp, but God had directed Gideon to do it and he did. Remember that God said if he were scared, then take Purah (v. 10).


Gideon had faith, God had strengthened that faith, and now God had moved Gideon to act on that faith.  God often moves us act upon our faith, and God strengthens it step by step.


v. 13
  • God uses a dream again to instruct Gideon. In this case, Gideon arrived just at the right time to hear a dream. Gideon hears about the barley loaf tumbling into the camp of the Midianites, and the camp fell, and it turned upside down so that the tent lay flat.


  • God draws us to the right place so that He can show us how we are to proceed.






v. 14
  • His friend replied that the dream symbolized the sword of Gideon. Gideon’s fame had already been spreading and now we see how God uses natural fear to create a spiritual advantage. God moves the hearts of men by His power.


  • God moves in the hearts of men. He causes them to dream and He influences people.  This dream actually encouraged Gideon.  Gideon took this sign as clear leading from the LORD to attack the enemy psychologically.


  • When God Displays His Plans to You, Take the Time To Worship God.


v. 15
  • Gideon heard the dream and its interpretation and worshipped outside the camp. Then he returned to the camp and called the men to action. Gideon knew that the LORD had given the enemy into His hands.


  • Gideon knew that God had directed him. Gideon believed God.  He understood what had happened.



v.  16
  • Gideon divided the men into companies. Just because God showed Gideon that God would provide victory, Gideon implemented a strong plan by using trumpets, empty pitchers, and torches inside the empty pitchers.


  • God uses the strangest implements for battle. A torch in God’s hands is more powerful that a sword.  Let God take hold of your resources so that He can provide victory in your life.



v. 17
  • Gideon commanded his men to follow him and keep their eyes upon him.


  • God used Gideon to lead other men. Those men should look to Gideon for help, because God was leading Gideon.   In our lives, we must learn to work together and be one unified power for God.


  • Always Trust God To Do Things in His Ways; You Just Need To Follow God’s Plan.


v. 18



  1. Gideon told his hundred men to blow their trumpets when he did.  Gideon told them to say, “For the LORD and for Gideon.”


  • When God gives you His plan, bring others with you to execute that plan.
v. 19



  1. Gideon told his hundred to follow him to the outskirts of the enemy camp.  Gideon commanded them to smash the pitchers shrouding their torches, springing a sudden light from this group of a hundred men upon the enemy.


  • Never hesitate to implement God’s plan. It took faith not only from Gideon, but from all the men holding a pitcher and a horn.


v. 20



  1. Suddenly all three companies of one hundred men broke their pitchers, held up their torches, and blew their trumpets, and cried, “A sword for the LORD and for Gideon.”


  • Rember that the enemy knew about Gideon and his sword. God prepares our way before us so that we can move forward along His paths.


v. 21
  • When you follow God’s plans, no enemies can stand before Him. As Gideons army stood in place, the enemy ran away.
  • God uses plain men, using horns and pitchers, to turn enormous danger into God’s battlefield.
v. 22



  1. As Gideon’s trumpets blew, the enemy began fighting among themeselves, and then fled.


  • When God fights the battles, we stand in awe of His power, not ours.
v. 23



  1. The men of Israel were summoned and they pursued Midian.
v. 24



  1. Gideon sent messengers to Ephraim and they took the waters before the enemy.
v. 25



  1. Gideon captured two leaders of Midian and killed them.





  1. God loves to remind us that when we face difficult adversaries, we are standing on His battlefield, not ours.


  1. God controls every enemy, every soldier, and every circumstance. He wages the war, not us.


  1. Let God fight the battles for us every day. We just hold pitchers and cry out for God.Judges 6.1
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