Quick Note:

At times, I may want to cut and paste Hebrew text into a WordPress post. If I inserted a Hebrew, Aramaic, Syriac, Arabic or other right to left (“rtl”) term or phrase into an English post (or any other left to right language (“ltr”), and then immediately after that “rtl” term in parentheses I inserted a footnote (using the Footnote WordPress plugin), I had jumbled text because of the “rtl” problem. See my example below; only some browsers are affected. Generally, if I placed any character between: (a) the “rtl” term in quotes and parentheses; and (b) the footnote, then no problem. But if you place the footnote immediately following the “rtl” term in parentheses, then I had a problem.


My problem:

This is my Hebrew term (“בִּדְרָכַי”)((This is my footnote.)) at issue.



Inline solution:

Place the html code <span dir=”ltr”></span> around your Hebrew text like this:

<span dir=”ltr”>(“בִּדְרָכַי”)</span>



The html and text should look like:

This is my Hebrew term <span dir=”ltr”> (“בִּדְרָכַי”)</span>(.(Footnote))  at issue.


The displayed result in the post looks like:

This is my Hebrew term (“בִּדְרָכַי”) ((This is my footnote.)) at issue.


I have little doubt a far better solution exists, but this worked for me. I had to tell WordPress to stop “rtl.” I did not try my solution with Footnote shortcodes. I tried many html variants, and this worked best for me. If you know a better way, please send me an email (see the footer below). I tried some CSS language variants, but they did not solve my problem. CSS may provide an easier, global solution. I am a novice with limited time.

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