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Christ Assembly │ The Daily Power of Justification │ Exult in Tribulations 

The Daily Power of Justification

Part Three

Exult in Tribulations

Romans 5:3

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Eternal Life

     Tribulations will come into everyone’s life, even the believer walking with Christ.  When you walk with Christ, however, you have an entirely different approach to those tribulations.  You will rejoice in your tribulations.  So, we will read the Word of God today to see how that can be true.

And not only this, but we also exult in our tribulations, knowing that tribulation brings about perseverance;

Romans 5:3

       Tribulation Brings about Perseverance.  In Romans 5:3, Paul continues by linking up our exulting with knowing.  As we go through the tribulations of life, we exult in them, and while we are exulting, we keep something constantly in mind:  (“knowing”).  Paul uses a particular word here for “knowing” (“εἰδότες“) that has interesting features.  First, this type of “knowing” means an intimate, personal knowledge of justification by faith through grace.  Second, this type of “knowing” means you have become familiar with this knowledge in the past, and this knowledge continues to control you in the present. Imagine a fountain of knowledge pooling up all around you and within you, with pleasantly cool, clear water.  You stand in the fountain of knowledge while you experience the heat of tribulations.  But this knowledge has a particular object.  You know something in particular.  You know that tribulations actually produce perseverance (“ὑπομονὴν“).  Jesus develops our character and endurance through the process of tribulations.  Through His promises, He helps us mature as believers when we apply His truths to our lives, especially as we live through various events, some of which may be unpleasant from the world’s standpoint.  Jesus has this amazing power to transform our reactions and emotions to the world around us.  James wrote about this same process of rejoicing when we encounter trials (James 1:2-4).  He also wrote under the inspiration of the Holy Spirit in telling us that God seeks perfection in our lives, and as we joyfully endure various trials, we mature in Christ.      

       Exult in Our Tribulations.  In Romans 5:3, Paul now brings a new concept into his discussion of justification.  Because you have been justified by faith through grace, and have peace with God, you can exult (“καυχώμεθα“) in tribulations (“θλίψεσιν“). This term “tribulations” means literally pressing together, to be under pressure.  In this context, Paul actually says “the tribulations,” meaning those particular tribulations believers may expect because they have been justified by faith.  For example, when Joseph was sold into slavery in Egypt, imprisoned, and his feet fettered and himself laid in irons, Stephen referred to the “tribulations” of Joseph (Acts 7:9-10; Psalm 105:18).  In this case, when the pressures of our life result in tribulations for us, we have the power to “exult” in them.  This word “exult” means both great rejoicing, but also boasting and glorying.  So in the midst of our tribulations, we recall that we have peace with God, and we endure tribulations knowing that God intends to produce something good from them.  No longer do the tribulations of our lives control us.  God controls every part of our mind, heart and soul.  He reigns over our emotions, so that the slavery to our emotions has been broken once and for all times.  We have peace with God, and it permeates every chamber of our hearts and minds.

       So we learn more about Jesus and the power of justification today.

     ●  The power of justification by faith suffuses our lives with joy, even when we encounter tribulations. 

     ●   Tribulations do not come in to our lives for punishment or to drive us crazy.  They come so that we rejoice in them, knowing that God wants us to develop perseverance.  He has a plan for our lives, that includes rejoicing through tribulation.

     ●  We need this endurance to be pleasing to God in our daily lives.  Endurance only comes through rejoicing through tribulations.

Application for Today

        As I live today, my tribulations should produce perseverance.  I pray that I will rejoice in them, and see the Lord Jesus at work in my life developing my character and life in ways that will please Him.  Will you rejoice even in the middle of tribulations, knowing that our rejoicing leads to perseverance today?

 Christ Assembly │ The Daily Power of Justification │ Exult in Tribulations 

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