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June 3, 2010

Looking for Food Today

  “The eyes of all look to You, and You give them their food in due time.”

Psalm 145:15

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Eternal Life

       I often marvel inside at how many of my friends take eating for granted, and never credit God with feeding them.  They always think that their own hard work bought the food.  They do not seem to realize that God provides the sunshine, rain, and nutrients for all living things.  He created all things and He holds all thing together (Colossians 1:16-17).

       David understood that God deserves our praise for are all the things He provides for us to eat.  I enjoy giving thanks for all the food He so graciously provides for me.  I see less and less people giving thanks for food, as if they have no need to thank anyone. 

       David also emphasizes that God gives food in His due time.  Jesus said that man should not live by bread alone, but on every word that proceeds out of the mouth of God (Matthew 4:4).  This idea of due time means that God provides food according to His plans, not ours.  Part of the provision of God means that we must trust Him for our food.  We need to look to Him, because He alone provides the food we need.  I also think about Jesus saying to His disciples that He had food that they did not know about (John 4:32).  Jesus then explained further that “My food is to do the will of Him who sent Me and to accomplish His work.” (John 4:34).

      In Psalm 104, David spoke of the animals in the sea and the beasts of the forest.  Those animals seek their food from God (Psalm 104:20-21; 27-28).  He alone provides for them, and satisfies them with good.  Right now I know that God has not abandoned His creation, but rather takes daily care of His creatures and they look to Him for food.  As I ponder the simpler things in life, I will appreciate how God provides food to all of His creatures who focus their eyes upon Him, waiting for Him to feed them in due time.   

Application for Today

        Today I will give a second thought to the food I enjoy.  I will take time to look to God, and thank Him for my food.  I will also hear the words of Jesus, that His food was to do the will of God and to accomplish His works. Today, who you will be looking at for food?


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