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Welcome to the Christ Assembly Prayer Wall

We love to pray for people with special requests. We have created a form below to help us understand your prayer request. By submitting the form, you agree we may use your prayer request, name and email address, plus all information you provide,  for any public or private purpose we deem best. We also may share your prayer request and information privately with anyone. You agree that we may contact you through your email. Please realize that we may post your prayer, and all other information you include on the form, on any public or private webpage we choose, for any period of time, and from time to time, and we may use your prayer request for teaching and other purposes. Therefore, please do not expect any privacy associated with your prayer request and the information on the form. One purpose of this Prayer Wall includes putting forth special prayer requests so that many other people may join in praying for specific things. We will be highly selective about what prayer requests we put on the Prayer Wall for public viewing. If you do not see your prayer request on the wall, we are not disapproving your prayer request in any way. If we believe your prayer request serves as an example of any Bible teaching about prayer requests, we may use it for teaching purposes, or any other purpose we deem best. Remember, some prayer requests do not promote God’s will, but human pleasures and passions. We have limited time and resources and so only post some prayer requests. Scripture provides clear guidelines for prayer and we aim to follow them. We may modify your prayer request. We also may add it, edit it,  or delete it at any time we deem best. By submitting the form, you irrevocably authorize us to share your name and email so others may contact you. Never forget we are a public ministry with public prayer requests. We cannot guarantee that some people will not use your information for evil purposes. We do not sell your information to anyone for any purpose, but be aware that third-party software and service providers that help us with this website may be tracking you on this website and collecting information. We cannot guarantee in any way that the names and email addresses on the Prayer Wall are correct and we make no representations that the information on the Prayer Wall is correct or truthful in any way.  The Prayer Wall is a work in progress and we expect more guidelines will be developed as things progress. We trust God to bless prayers to His glory. Jesus promised that prayer would make our joy full and His joy would be in us.

With those general principles in mind, you may submit a prayer request below.  Never forget you do not need a prayer wall to pray with others, because you can ask all the believers you know to pray for you, especially if you need confidential prayer or do not want to make a public request through the Prayer Wall. We do not claim any special power for our prayers, because God commands all of us to pray without ceasing. We love the Lord Jesus Christ, God the Father, and the Holy Spirit and they love us. God knows what we need before we ask, but He still encourages us to pray. We love to praise God for His perfect answers to prayer. The prayers of righteous people accomplish much.





Christ Assembly Prayer Wall Request



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