Blue Beach

June 5, 2010

Righteousness and Kindness Today

  “The LORD is righteous in all His ways and kind in all His deeds.”

Psalm 145:17

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Eternal Life

      I have an unbelieving friend who loves to remind me of all the really bad things I have done to others.  I bet you know someone just like him.  One day recently a man came up to me and introduced himself as a Christian.  My unbelieving friend was sitting with me and promptly lit into me again about my bad acts.  I never deny that I have done some really bad things, but I always remind my friend that the blood of Jesus Christ covers all the bad things I have ever done.  I also remind him that I have asked for forgiveness from God and people I have offended without cause.  You see, my friend never imagines that he has ever done anything spiritually wrong.  In his mind, he has no need of a Savior because he has no remorse over sin.  He dwells upon every bad act anyone has ever done towards him.  He never forgives or forgets, but seeks ways to get even.  He lives in the past.  Well, when anyone takes an honest look at our behavior, or when a friend reminds us of how badly we have acted, we see unrighteousness things.  But compare God for a moment.

       Since the creation of the earth, and even before all time and all creation, God has never acted unrighteously.  Not even once.  He has no sin to confess, no problem to overlook, or no one to ask for forgiveness.  All the ways of God reflect His righteousness. 

       Have you thought about the ways of God?  David wants us to know that God acts according to His righteousness in all that He does.  He acts with sinless perfection, so He never makes mistakes, never says the wrong thing, and never misses the mark in any way.  Only God acts with perfect righteousness all the time.  David also wants us to appreciate the kindness of God. 

       The kindness of God surrounds me every day.  As I drive my car, God spares me from accidents.  As I get out of bed, I find my legs work again and my hands can hold the doorknob.  I see my wife looking at me with love in her eyes.  In my heart, I know that Jesus loves me every day of my life.  God acts with kindness all the time.  When I look at the things God is doing in my life every day, I see His kindness.  Remember that man who introduced himself to me and said he was a Christian?  God sent him to me as an act of kindness.  My new friend suggested we worship together sometime and share with others the Gospel of Jesus Christ.  God was being kind to me.  God is kind to me when a young man I know visits me at the beach when he comes home from college.  He tells me about all the ways God has blessed him while he has been away.  In so many ways, God shows me His kindness and righteousness every day, from the things He does all around me.

Application for Today

        Today God will spend all day showing me His kindness and righteousness.  Will I be seeing His ways with the spiritual eyes of my heart?  What about you?


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