The Pastoral Heresy


The Pastoral Heresy has grown deep roots in the local assemblies today. Believers have overlooked that no man should be known as the greatest in any local assembly, but rather the Lord Jesus Christ should be recognized always as the Chief Shepherd. Everyone else in the entire assembly has special spiritual gifts, that will produce unity and maturity in the Body of Jesus Christ, His Church. When any man begins to assume titles like “Pastor,” “Father,” “Teacher,” “Rabbi,” or “Leader,” then you know that person has fallen into The Pastoral Heresy. Furthermore, the local assembly that fails to rebuke all such people who use such terms also has fallen into The Pastoral Heresy. Such anti-Christian titles today are so common place that practically no one minds those titles, but virtually everyone seems to embrace and promote The Pastoral Heresy by using such terms. The only remedy to The Pastoral Heresy will be to eliminate not only the titles, but also the one-man style of leadership, and return to the Word of God to appoint a plurality of elders in every church, and then equip the saints for the work of ministry. As we all work together, using our spiritual gifts to the glory of God, then The Pastoral Heresy will be relegated solely to history, and a heresy eliminated by the power of Jesus Christ cleansing His church. Until then, we must all strive to implement the teachings of the Word of God in humility and love, as we pray for the power of the Holy Spirit to sanctify all believers in all our ways.