Uniting the Church

Some Friends Need Milk

       In 1 Corinthians 3:2, page 1784, Paul talked about spiritual food. Paul told the Corinthians he only provided milk (“γάλα”) for them to drink, and not solid food (“βρῶμα”). Notice the levels of teaching and confrontation Paul provides here. He explained to the Corinthians that they were not yet ready for solid food. The spiritually immature believers could only handle milk. Paul did not mean this as a compliment to them, because he said they were still not able to take solid food. They had not yet grown up in Christ.

Some Friends Cannot Receive Solid Food

       Just like babies cannot eat solid food, so also young believers must start with the basics of Christianity.  Notice the words “cannot receive.” Only as you grow to maturity in Christ can you start to accept solid food. As a baby Christian, you cannot receive the solid food of the Word of God. We need to remember that solid food will only be received by mature believers, and we should be careful to avoid feeding baby Christians with the solid food.

Discipleship Points

Paul emphasized that your friends need solid food for spiritual maturity, but some of them insist upon a diet of pure milk. Be careful to feed people the food that fits them. If they are spiritually immature, then feed them milk. As you feed them milk, remind them they are immature.

1. Share with Your Friends about Spiritual Maturity.

Following Paul’s practice, you may have to tell people, even people with years in Christ, that they are immature, or even infants in Christ. Get ready for resistance.

2. Recognize the Limitations of Flesh and Immaturity.

Trying to feed solid food to the infantile and fleshly will never solve the problems because they are unable to receive solid food.